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    In the middle of a clip, the audio starts playing from another part.... Help?


      So, I'm a bit of a technological noob, so I will describe this the best I can.  I have a clip (mp4) that runs about 1 hour 30 min long.  About 30 minutes into the clip, the audio from the beginning of the clip randomly starts playing, yet the video continues as it should, just the audio randomly swapped itself somehow?


      I have not cut or edited the clip in any way, I simply imported it in, and put it on the timeline and no matter what I tried (restarting, clearing cache, reimporting, etc) nothing seems to fix the problem.  The weirder part is, if I watch the raw file using something like Windows Media Player, the clip is just fine, no problems at all.  So something must be going wrong when it's imported into Adobe Premiere.


      Has anyone had this issue or know what may be causing this? I'm at a loss and it's keeping me from continuing a series I'm working on that I need to release. 


      As I said before, I'm a bit noobish, and this is my first time posting, so please feel free to respond with any additional info you need me to supply, and try to explain things in a noob friendly way, as I may not understand super technical jargon.


      Edit: A little bit of info to help possibly... I'm using Windows 7 and Adobe Premiere Pro CS6