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    Premiere CC CPU usage on 16-core Z820 inefficient




      I have noticed various inconsistencies with Premiere Pro and Media Encoder's (CC) render times on Win 7. I have a maxed out 16-core HP Z820 with 32GB, SSD and Velociraptor drives and a Quadro K5000 card.


      When I use Media Encoder or Premiere to render an H264 .mp4 (1920x1080) from a ProRes source file, I look at the resource monitor and Media Encoder is using on average, 20% of my CPU, which is about 4 cores out of 16 available. Why is this? Is this because of a dodgy Quicktime implementation within Win 7 or does Media Encoder simply not know how to efficiently use multiple core CPUs?


      I have not yet done any extensive tests, but it seems that rendering H264 from a RED 5K source file is actually much quicker.


      Can you please elaborate on why this is and also share some details on Media Encoder's and Premiere's CPU and GPU utilisation specs?