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      All I wanted to do is add A php header and footer but it will not preview or Show on BC is php enabled on the server or do I need to Save in a diffrent format in order to make a dynamic site?

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          Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there,

          I think you missunderstood what BC is.

          BC is not PHP based, it is .Net based system BUT it is a SAAS - Software as a service. You do not have access to server side code on this platform.

          For sections like footers and headers in termplates you use content holders.

          You need to read the BC documentation to understand content holders, templates, web apps and other parts of BC and how it works.

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            WolfUway Level 1

            If I understand correctly then its basically saying that we have to use BC built in formats. But what I want to know does that mean the website we build and host there are not going to be dynamic? Forgive me if I sound uneducated for a moment but I chose to use there services because I thought it was a better avenue keeping with all adobe. But of I am not able to use the tools I know that are at the fore front of the industry professionals. But everything else with BC's hosting has been great. Will there be a php option in the future?


            PS Hi it would of been rude of me if I didn't say Hi back..

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              Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              There will never be a PHP option.

              The main question is to ask you is what do you want to do? And of course yur site will be dynamic

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