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    Does anyone have corrupt premiere projects and autosave files?


      A Premiere CC project that I have been working on for weeks now is corrupt and will not open.  I get a message "the project appears to be damagaed".  All of the associated autosave files are also now messed up (some are a month old). Everything else on the drive that contains the projects is fine. Even other older Premiere projects are fine.  I open the bad autosave projects in notepad and it is filled with jibberish compared to the other uneffected projects.  Is this a bug or have I been hacked by the recent Adobe securiy issue?  Here is a link to the project file http://adobe.ly/1awiNVO

      All of my autosave files look like this too.  How could all of my auto save files change to this jibberish too?  I could understand if a save to my current project goes to left field, but how do all of my autosaves get corrupted too?


      I have written out large portions of the project to finished movies, but still have a few I will need to start over from scratch if no one has a solution to my problem here.  I would really like to have a chance to go back and re-edit if I see anything I want to touch up in the exported movies I have.  Thank God I at least have what I do otherwise it would be a months worth of work down the tube.   Has anyone else had this issue, or better yet have a fix?