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    Can I run Premiere on a Windows 7 32 bit PC?


      Just bought CS6 master collection Windows Netherlands. Unfortunately Premiere is uninstallable because I have 32 bit.

      Is there another way to install an earlier version of Premiere?



      Ann Bens: Nope, 64 bits only.

      Het staat duidelijk omschreven in de technische specificatie.

      Dit is trouwens het Elements forum en niet Premiere Pro.





      Welcome to the forum.

      I am not sure that I understand the question.

      Premiere Pro (part of Production Premium & Master Collection) has been a 64-bit program, ONLY, since CS 5.

      Earlier (CS 5 and 5.5), PrPro CS 4 (still 32-bit) WAS included in both the Production Premium & Master Collection, but I do not know if it was, in CS 6. That might well depend on the delivery method, i.e. download vs physical media.

      Now, does your question involve Adobe Premiere Elements, as that is a different program, but is the forum, to which you posted. If this is purely a PrPro question, then we can Move it to that program's forum.

      Just let us know please,



      I found

      http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/thankyou.jsp?ftpID=5291&fileID=4921 and will give that a try (CS4 download to run with a CS6 picence key).