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    fully deleting images and transitions

    elosonegro Level 1

      I've put together a nice project/sequence with video clips followed by images then more video, more images etc.

      I'm new, so was having trouble with the image quality but finally figured it out and imported higher quality images.  I had already inserted all the default transitions.

      When I deleted the lower quality image I used either the overwrite key or the insert image with a better image.  I then deleted the poorer quality image with the ripple delete command.

      Now when I play the sequence, have not imported it yet, there are 6 to 7 places where for a second the old image pops up during a transition.  I thought I had gone through and deleted all the transitions, and then I redid them but they are still there after 3 deletion attempts.

      Any suggestions.  The short "misimage" only shows up during the transition.