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    How to edit big amount of files correctly?



      During summer I've captured 120 GB of video material on my GoPro camera.


      I started to add files I want to take clips from as sequences and marked parts which I would like cut later - took me awhile but this way I could know where are the best parts.  I've made around 50-60 sequences that way and started to make a clip out of them ( also as a sequence ).

      Sadly, my laptop can't handle Premiere after few minutes of running anymore. It's freezes and Importer Process Server process is using way too much memory so I can't basically do anything else than shutting down program and re-opening it.

      I was wondering if there is better way to do it.


      How do You guys edit Your files ?

      Would like to hear some suggestions of more experienced users.


      I'm using Dell XPS 702x with 6 GB RAM memory on board.