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    Where is the HYPED CC October Update? [CC fonts offline unless you sign in]

    Shadreck Rukweza Level 2

      I trust that I find you well in all aspects of life. Adobe has since promised an October update roll out which seems to be out of reach despite demos at IBC. Does anyone know how to update this. Furthermore the Cloud fonts are always offline defeating their myth about CREATIVE CLOUD updates.....

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          Shadreck Rukweza Level 2

          Even in photoshop the CC fonts will appear offline two days into the project.

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            Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            Once you've done bumping your own thread...



            Adobe never guaranteed updates on a particular day, they said something was planned. Those plans changed as some features required further testing, and there's nothing unusual in that. It's part of how CC works - in the past you'd wait until the new version was released and you'd get whatever was ready, with a bunch of things deferred until a couple of years later because a few percent of the code was unstable. You'd never know what was missing, but trust me a lot usually was. Now you get stuff as and when it's ready - but predicting when that will be is impossible. If nothing else, remember we just got Windows 8.1 - a lot of Adobe's beta testers are only just starting to run through the code this week.


            File and font sync in Creative Cloud relies on being online to verify your subscription and the contents of your sync lists. That's made clear in the documentation. If Typekit selections persisted without CC subscription checks then someone could join for a month, download them all and walk away with $20,000+ worth of fonts.

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              ActionCamStudio Level 1

              Dear Dave,let me explain in my bad english what sounds really awful: "It's part of how CC works", and let me say that it works really bad. I've had a lot of troubles with AE CC, as you know on many machines it runs terribly slow. Now i have rebuilt my pc solving the problem, but on other ten machines in the office where i work,AE is unusable. They are paying the subscription but we can't use a software. So, if what you say will be true (Now you get stuff as and when it's ready), AE CC doesn't have been released due to this terrible bug. But it's not the reality. The reality is that a fix for this bug is not ready yet and AE CC have been released. Sad...hope that make sense.

              Ok,now for the operating systems that update...sorry but if you claim something you have to be in touch with other companies so you are prepared to the upgrade. Every month something changes, it's part of the life, and if you can't deal with it, Creative Cloud is not affordable.

              This is not a controversy, but is just a real look to how things are going with this subscription...and i'm one of the users with his privacy probably hacked. If someone ask me :"How good is Creative Cloud?", i can only answer "Good softwares but terrible service and support".

              At the end, i know that Adobe never guaranteed a particular date, but guaranteed a month, October. If this update will come out in November, this is a big fault for Adobe. In my experience,is better to silence if you are not sure,than claim something that is not real. People cares about communication, and Adobe have the worst communication program i have ever seen...worst than Panasonic...

              Hope that the AE CC fix will come out soon,because many of us are loosing their hopes...

              An unsatisfied user,

              bests from italy,

              Roberto Tafuro

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                Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                I sympathise with your position, but with respect the CC apps run fine for the vast majority of users. That in no way belittles the problems some users are having, however to hold off on the entire CC program just in case a couple of edge case configurations don't run properly would annoy millions of people. The majority wins, that's how it should be.


                The past week has seen platform upgrades from Apple and Microsoft, the release images of which were very different to preview builds. Yes of course Adobe knows that Windows 8.1 or Mavericks is coming at a particular time, but it can't test against the RTM code until it ships. Nobody can. As is evident, both of these RTM versions have borked a mountain of software, not just from Adobe. Microsoft had to pull the entire Windows RT 8.1 update because of 'unexpected' bugs, and they have hundreds of times more testers employed than Adobe.


                Adobe launched the new CC video tools at the IBC trade show (perfectly logical as it's the main event of the year for those customers). It's only natural that people's first question was "OK, so when will this be available?" - Adobe had to say something, and it made an educated prediction based on the development state at the time. If they just said "Oh, maybe this year, we don't know..." Adobe would have been laughed at; and their competitors would have taken advantage.



                If you have an issue with AE that you can reproduce, please report it in detail. Post as much information as you can to http://www.adobe.com/go/wish and turn on the Customer Feedback option in your software. If something crashes, always submit the bug report to Microsoft because in turn they forward it to Adobe. Telling other users about it on these forums really doesn't help.


                Engineering will fix things if they know what's causing them, but "it runs slow" is meaningless. Compared with what? Precisely which effects, media files or render settings affect the speed and which don't? Whose plugins, AV software, mouse drivers, display calibration apps and hard drives are you using? What other apps are running in the background? Which OS updates are applied and which are not? Adobe's beta testers do try to cover all the bases but it's impossible to test every configuration, and they don't have advance access to third-party software.

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                  ActionCamStudio Level 1

                  I agree with you for the first part, but the bug with delay in menu and shortcuts come out in this forum. I've sent a report as soon as i've seen this lag happen,but no reply. So i decided to see if in the forum someone else have this problem...and yes...we were a lot. Todd Kopriva has admitted a mistake from Adobe, the lag is caused by a constant reading of a file (i'm not a tech!), and is not a problem with other sw or third party apps, is a fault of programming code. So it means that on some machines, maybe 2 on 100 or 10 on 100 the bug exist...on 80% of this machine the OS is Windows. As soon as the bug comes out, they immediately admit the mistake. The sw were not tested on common workstations i think. I know that is impossible to test every single scenario, but this part of code is new to AE CC, so i think that it will be tested on more machines than the usual way.

                  I'm a long user of Adobe products because where i work they use AE and Premiere since CS2 and every bug we descover has been sent to Adobe's techs. But i'm honest, speak with someone in Adobe is super difficult. In Italy there is a call center...but they speak english so a lot of users are in troubles.

                  Just to be clear, peple affected from the AE bug are much,much more but they don't understand how to communicate with Adobe. If i speak for myself, i speak for me and other ten machines with the same bug. So is not a single machine,but eleven!

                  I understand english and i can in some way explain my troubles, but there are other people that can't do this.

                  I hope that the new update will be tested in a large way. I have to rebuilt my machine,so for me the problem is solved (i think that the new SSD made the job) and now i can work with AE, but in my office they can't afford a 10 machines rebuilt.

                  As Todd says,and i agree with him, is better to wait and make more tests than release a not tested sw...but at the same time Creative Cloud have to be faster. Not 150 features avery 5 months, but 10 features every month i think is better!