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    Is the Asus GTX Titan a good option for AE/PP

    Blue Dragon

      I’m still sitting on the fence.  Did what I think was, let’s say too many reviews and now have started to stare at the GTX Titan in my dreams.  I know, some of you are probably saying, that’s where it should stay (Preformance/$$$Cost$$$) = Value???.  But is there more in the pudding, it’s functionality CUBE work GPU Assist, 3D Bla,bla,bla, is there value in this card or should I let this heavy dog sit on the shelf.  I don’t want to SLI right now if I can, but will in time.  Options or stick with the 2 GTX 77O’s as pre suggested?

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          cc_merchant Level 4

          Only if you have at least a heavily overclocked hexa core with 64 GB and a large and very fast dedicated raid array or a dual Xeon E5-2687W with the same 64 GB memory and raid array with > 800 MB/s transfer rate.


          See Tweakers Page - Balanced Systems and scroll down till the Video card table.


          If you use CC and have two GTX 770's, that combination will be faster than a single Titan.

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            Blue Dragon Level 1

            Yes, a 4930, 64GB  and a ARC-1882ix-12 - RAID 30, Projects - 8 WD Blcks, Sys -  1 SSD 840 pro Samsu and 1 Scrch - SSD 840 EVO Samsu.  For now, could I get away with a GTX 780 then SLI another, a bit later if need be?  By the system balancing matrix you link me to, helped a lot and I believe my selection is fairly round with the odd slight bump and dip but not that predominate. 

            So I Think?

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              JEShort01 Level 4



              A couple of additional things to think about for your current buying decision:

              - Adobe does not care about cards that are perfectly matched to aid CC. Or at least that's what testing shows for timeline to DVD output renders (this is where lots of GPU firepower seems to be the critical path for balanced systems). So, you could get a 770 or 780 now and add another similar, or slightly different card later and CC would be very happy. Of course if you game too (I don't), then I understand that SLI does help and it does require identical GPUs.

              - Card cooling system: I much prefer the double / triple fan designs (hot air exits largely into case cavity) vs. the reference design (hot air exits out back of case), however depending on the physical layout of you motherboard PCIe slots, case, fans, etc. you may be best served with the reference design for cooling / air-flow reasons if you plan on adding another GTX card later on. Don't forget you power supply wattage too!





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                Blue Dragon Level 1

                Thank you, I was thinking the fans cooling may be an issues later if I do SLI (Not a gamer either) so I’ll have to sleep on that choice. I have a full tower with 6-120 fans + water CPU cooled so there may not be an issue.  Box has good air flow. PWS shouldn’t and issue either 1300W 108amp +12v bus, should be able to handle the prifs and a slite grow. So the big boy stays on the shelf and now leaning to its brother GTX 780.  This is a new system, just missing VDcard & Work Drvs. Now looking at the WD Blcks vs Reds? Suggestions Both have positives, just all that I’m reading now is that (Blck+RAID)=Data loss, and not? Hum?

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                  JEShort01 Level 4

                  I have some comments regarding WD blacks and data loss using Areca controllers.


                  There are lots of posts in this forum that hint at disaster when using WD Black drives with RAID configurations and using Areca controllers.


                  I suspect that years ago there were actual issues with that combination. For at least a couple of years now however, Areca controller firmware has allowed for the "TLER feature" off; this is the time limit to drop a drive out of a RAID if it is throwing errors.  So, unless if there are other incompatibilites, non-Enterprise drives can in fact be used.


                  I personally have used WD Blacks configured as RAID 5 arrays with Areca controllers for years now, and have never, ever had ANY issue whatsoever with that combination.





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                    Blue Dragon Level 1

                    Thanks for the insight and your follow up, I’ll try and contact <(areca)> and get their judgment on my last quest to true blitz.  I’ll post my findings and their suggestions for those that wish to know as well.

                    Until then…

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                      JEShort01 Level 4

                      Areca maintains a list of recommended, tested, certified drives and last time I looked, that list was 100% Enterprise drive models. You will not likely have them share with you in writing or on the phone that they recommend "non-Enterprise" drives like the WD Blacks.


                      Click on the "HDD Compatibility list - 6GB cards" for their current listing of Areca approved drives. You will note that it is not a long list and I'm pretty sure they are all Enterprise drives from the various vendors:



                      Enterprise drives do indeed cost more. Personally, I prefer to have RAID protected redundancy (not RAID 0), but I am comfortable using non-Enterprise drives in those Areca RAIDs.


                      Back about 5 years ago I did a lot of www surfing and focused on individuals building LARGE media servers (i.e. 48TB servers 5 years ago was really big!) and what drives they were having success with. These users were buying 24 or more large 7200 drives and if they were having good luck with a certain model of drive, then that model sounded good to me! I don't think a single one of those guys were using true Enterprise rated drives due to cost.