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    oddness with simple_list


      I have a simple_list generated by  LrView.osFactory, with its items bound to a  LrBinding.makePropertyTable.  the items are identical to a list of items that had been used in a popup_menu, and they display correctly as a list. But when i click on those list items and see what comes through on the observer function, a function that looks like this:

      function addGenerator(propertyTable, key, value  )
              myLogger:trace("addgenerator:" .. key)
           myLogger:trace("addgenerator:" .. value)


      I get the key (the name of the bound item in the property table), but the value is always nil.  What do I have to do to get an actual value from a simple_list? 


      Nevermind, I think I just answered my own question:  the value coming back is a table, not a scalar value.  Interesting.  This allows more than one value to be returned.