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    After Effects MediaCore error



      I was trying to install some .ffx package from a friend I know and I pasted it into my effects directory. I am running a Mac OS X Version 10.6.8 if this helps. I put it in there, I don't know whether I could've accidentally put it in a .plugin file and I opened After Effects. It says exactly these 3 things:



      After Effects has encountered an error.

      [/Chinchillada/pro/ext/adobe/MediaCore/MediaLayer/VIdeoFIlterHost/Make/Mac/../../Src/AEPlu ginVideoFilterModule.cpp-107]


      After Effects cannot continue: An output contract violation has occurred!


      After Effects warning: Failed to initialize mediacore.


      Please help me, I have to edit a film for school and I cannot do it if I don't have it fixed in around a weeks time.

      Thank you in advance.

      - CushendoHD