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    OT: codec overrun error in dmx2004_101_update_en.dmg

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      i bought a new aluminum iMac 20" (10.4.10) to replace my old 17" intel
      based one. so, i tranfered the license in the old Mac, installed
      Director in the new one and now i'm unable to update it because of this

      The following disk image failed to mount
      Image: dmx2004_101_update_en.dmg
      Reason: codec overrun

      looking in Adobe site i found there was the same problem of download
      corruption with Dreamweaver 8.0.2 updater. i followed the solutions in
      the TN without success. then i made a bug report wich returned to my
      mail box:

      The following addresses had permanent fatal errors
      (reason: 550 No such user - psmtp)

      anybody has faced a similar problem? i'm wondering if there's something
      wrong with these new iMacs as i'm also having problems when installing
      XP in a Parallels virtual machine, wich i used for 6 months in the old
      one without a glitch