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    Workflow -  sequences or video?

    HakanErn Level 1



      I have done 15 videos for sale, and now I want to make a promotion video for those videos, showing parts of the 15 videos.

      I simply took the sequences from some of the videos, and put them on a new sequence "promotion". This made my editing really slow, but I hade the possibility to change in the original sequence, and making this change also appear in the "promotion"

      I guess I could have rendered the sequences to video files, and then made the "promotion" by adding parts of these videos on the new "promotion" timeline.

      Which would be the preferred wrok flow? - And; to what format would it be best to render the videos, if second option above is choosen as method?

      I work with 1920x1080 Canon MXF- files (XDCAM-HD 422 Movie) and the final result should be encoded with H.264 MP4.



      Thanks in advance for advice and thougths!




      Premiere Pro CC and W7

      IntelCore i7 2,67 GHz

      16 GB RAM