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    Keyframes being ignored in 1 clip.  Am I missing a Setting?


      I have a sequence I put together and I was trying to gaussian blur in the first clip along with a dissolve in as well.  Anyways, I tried keyframing the blur at the beginning and then when the blur would end but the whole clip stays blurred throughout even if I render(wanted to make sure it wasn't some kind of graphics issue in the preview only).  I tried doing the same with opacity for the fun of it and it ignores any changes I make.  Yet if I go to the second clip(and they are on the same track) it works fine.  Is there a lock I may have put onto that clip to stop it from using keyframes or something?  I have an unsharp mask applied and curves, + a dissolve at both ends plus a title on the track above.  Any insights would be great.