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    Thinking of buying... but site is difficult to navigate.


      So I'm a student in the UK, thinking of buying as it's my last year of University and I should probably get the benefit of getting it cheap while I still can--


      However, I'm having some trouble finding a digital download for students on the Adobe website. The only digital download for students seem to be in odd countires like Cyria and Iran, etc...


      So my question is, is there a digital download for students in the UK? And if so, is it under £250.0 as that's my budget, and as my computer is a few years old now I feel I should ask about a warrenty of sort; if I at some point have to reformat my PC will I be able to re-download the program from the website? Software like Display Fusion Pro and FRAPS (which is bloody awful) allow me to do this and I expect PS to have something like it too, though I know there are a lot of issues with piracy so I have my concerns.


      Thanks for reading and I look forward to a response.


      [edit] Forgot to mention I was thinking of getting CS6, since I think everything after 6 is subscription based? And I have a few too many of those already. :S