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    A question for Lenovo Y-series owners?


      Note: I'm trying to keep total costs within 10-15% after taxes of $1000.00 US


      Hello, I'm a highschool student heading to college,  and currently do alot of 2K video encoding on a borrowed Dell Inspiron 15R Special Edition. The laptop has been a work horse, but my main problem is that the memory on that laptop ( 8GB 1600mHz RAM and 500 GB HDD 5400 rpm) has been keeping encoding times very slow and battery life is low (weight doesn't personally bother me, as long as the diagonal of the displacy is under 15.6in). I work in a combination of Adobe After Effects CS5.5 and Premiere Pro CS5 and  I plan on going to a university that focuses on television. I stumbled across the Lenovo Y-series laptops but I have a concern; I'm not sure about SLI performance of the Nvidia GT 750Ms, and the 5400 RPM HDD.


      I've heard that you have the option to remove one of the GT 750M and replace it with more storage memory, should I try to get an SSD or keep the 750M's in SLI?


      Is it possible to replace the main harddrive in the laptop with a 7200 RPM drive or SSD? What HDD could I use? What SSD could I use?


      Is CUDA core GPU acceleration enabled for GT 750Ms? Does it work in SLI?


      How does the Intel i7 4700MQ perform?


      Any help is appreciated!


      Note: (I plan on upgrading the Y-series laptop to 16 GB RAM myself), and I mainly color correct, grade, work on multiple timelines  and create my own transitions.