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    CPU and GPU Questions


      Hi Folks,


      First post. Been scouring the web for a week now (trying to wrap my head around all the great information) as I configure a mobile workstation, and I can't seem to resolve a few issues.


      @ glaustin, if you wouldn't mind sharing your experience (likes/dislikes) with your system either online or offline, it would be much appreciated.


      Important things for me, among others, are system stability, heat generation, excessive fan activity, and component reliability.


      A couple of questions that remain unclear:


      1) i7-3740QM vs i7-3840QM, or are they so close in specs that it doesn't really matter, considering heat and performance issues?


      2) Quadro K3000M or Quadro K4000M, which card is more reliable (meaning less likely to fail, and need to be re-placed), and will the larger K4000M generate enough more heat to run the fan more frequently?


      Thanks in advance for the help!

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          Jim_Simon Level 9

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            bkma Level 1

            Hi Jim,


            Could we explore changing the title of this post if it is preferred to fork it from the original discussion?


            Something along the lines of:


            Quadro K3000M vs Quadro K4000M - Which is more reliable?


            I think it will generate more interest in the post.


            Or maybe we just delete this post entirely, and I'll repost from scratch, if that's easier.


            Please advise your preference.


            Thanks in advance.

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              JEShort01 Level 4

              For the cpu decision, for me it would be a no-brainer to get the much less expensive and ever so slightly slower i7-3740QM.


              For the gpu, I don't have a feel for the cost difference but both would be similar regarding reliability. Both would work fine for most work. The K4000M has 960 cuda cores vs. 576 for the K3000M so I would expect it to be faster for renders to the DVD format.





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                bkma Level 1

                Thanks for the feedback Jim. Much appreciated!


                Let's say in a perfect world, everything else is as good as it can get in this mobile workstation, ram, hds, etc...


                Cost difference on CPU is not that bad, $136 more for the 3840QM. I saw somewhere where Harm recommended pairing this CPU with the K3000M, or another CPU in the extreme series. He specifically did not call out the lower cost 3740QM as an option, and it caused me to pause from making this selection. Given that, of course sometimes more is not better, and I want to be mindful of extra heat, more fan use, etc...


                Cost difference on GPU is more of a change at $300 more for the K4000M. If both GPUs are both reliable, then the question at hand distills to - Is the performance gain of the K4000M worth the trade off in additional heat/fan use? Or is this really a non-issue.


                In all honesty, selecting components for a new system is a pain in the rear! Yikes!


                I am hoping to put these last issues to bed, and get this system ordered asap.


                Thanks again for your help.

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                  ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                  Look for a laptop with Haswell 4000 series CPU's and not the Ivy 3000 series.



                  The Quadro K4000M has significantly more CUDA cores than the K3000 and yes that is worth the heat difference. Keep in mind the GTX 780M has considerably better specs than both of those.



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                    bkma Level 1

                    Hi Eric,


                    Thank you for your help. I have about 4" deep of documents from various sources trying to wrap my head around all of the variables, including that link.


                    I do understand that a desktop system is preferred for editing video, but I do need a new laptop. I have not bought any new toys for quite a while so I decided that I would extend my original budget, and add capability to edit video as well.


                    I will be buying a Dell M6700 as the M6800 is not available in custom configurations at the moment, so it has to be the M6700 with the 3rd generation CPU. It is what it is. I would wait if I could, but my current laptop is running in safe mode with networking.


                    The M6700 does have two fans, but my concern is that upgrading the CPU / GPU from i7-3740QM / Quadro K3000M to i7-3840QM / Quadro K4000M will generate more heat and fan use than what it is worth in performance gains, given the laptop infrastructure design. The $436 price difference is negligible in the equation though I would take $436 in savings any day of the week, don't get me wrong.


                    What I am having difficulty doing is making a sound decision.


                    So this is my dilemma. Ignoring upfront purchase costs, are the CPU and/or GPU performance gains worth the possibility of added heat and fan use, and in the end effect laptop stability and reliability?


                    What I don't understand, and am looking for guidance from the excellent depth of knowledge on this forum, is a better understanding of this possibility. Maybe it is a non-issue, or maybe it is very real. I have no idea, so guidance is very much needed and appreciated.


                    Thank you again!

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                      ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                      The 3840QM generates little to no heat difference from the the 3740QM, so I would suggest that for sure. The K4000M will generate more heat but the laptop graphics stay relatively cool most of the time except when GPU acceleration load is high. Dell would use the same cooling fan on both cards so I can assure you if it's spec'ed for the higher watage of the Quadro K4000M then it will handle it. The GPU's like the CPU's have the ability to Throttle down so they will if the load is light and or the heat is reaching a set level. It's nearly impossible to burn an Intel CPU out today with that Throttle ability and the GPU's are getting there though they are not nearly as refined as the CPU's in that regard yet.




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                        bkma Level 1

                        Thanks Eric, much appreciated!


                        The M6700 is available with the Quadro K3000M, Quadro K4000M, or Quadro K5000M cards as an additional cost over the base card of the AMD FirePro M6000.


                        As you suggest, if Dell uses the same fan for all the Quadro models, including the largest Quadro K5000M, then you would think the laptop would handle the K3000M or K4000M just fine.


                        It would be great to hear feedback from end-users that own the M6700 with either the K3000M or K4000M cards. They may or may not have some interesting comments, especially how frequently and at what intensity the fan(s) run(s). They might say this or that works great, or this or that is a disaster.


                        If there are any M6700 owners that find this thread, I sure would appreciate your input.


                        Thanks again!