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    Kobo vox


      Adobe digital editions will not recognize my kobo vox - help please

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          sjpt Level 4

          I'm not sure that is supports Adobe DRM directly.

          The instruction manual says 'Your eReader can read EPUBs protected by Kobo DRM and non-protected EPUBs.'

          and a review http://dearauthor.com/ebooks/review-kobo-vox/

          says 'Unlike other Kobo devices the Vox is NOT COMPATIBLE WITH ADOBE DRM’D BOOKS (INCLUDING LIBRARY BOOKS) which I think will disappoint many'


          If the Android version is not too locked down, you will be able to install the Bluefire or Aldiko app ib the eReader to read Adobe DRM ebooks.

          You won't be able to transfer them using ADE. 

          Having got ADE to download a DRM .epub book,

          you should be able to transfer it to the Kobo using a file manager (eg Windows Explorer, Mac Finder) to copy to the mounted drive,

          and then open it in Bluefire or Aldiko.