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    Audio & Video get out of sync when rendering. Using Elements 11.


      Original video is fine. But when rendering a MPEG video using Elements 11, if the video is long, the Sound and Video get out of sync. I'm experimenting with different save formats, but am needing help understanding which, or the MANY options, to choose to hopefully save in HD/High Quality format, yet not have this issue. What should I try? Thanks.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          Can you please tell us which OS version you are on?


          Then, please tell us the full specs. of your Source Files (your Imported media)?


          Last, your Project's Preset?


          Good luck, and let us know a bit more,



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            BrifromBool Level 1

            Thank you for the welcome. I am a novice video editor, but learning fast. My main video projects consist of taking HD video with my phone then making MPEG movies to watch on my PC and through my XBOX, watch on my HDTV. I hope I have all the aswers you are looking for. If not, I might need more guidance on where to look for various settings.



            I have tried this on two different PCs. One PC is running Windows 8. The other is running Windows 8.1


            Source Files:

            I took the video with my Nokia Lumia 920. It is an MP4 file. Frame width: 1280. Frame Length: 720. Frame Rate: 30 frames/second. It should be HD. The source files play nicely on both PCs with no issues.


            Projects Preset: (I chose this when SETTING UP my project at the start)

            There are so many choices of which I did not know which is best to choose.  Under Hard Disk/Flash Memory....I think I chose Full HD 1080i 30.

            * When I go into Edit -> Project Settings, it says HD 1080i, then 29.97 frames/second for Timebase.

            Question? I am not sure what the Project Preset is used for? It seems I can choose dozens of different Save/Rendering types as well. I appreicate if you could explain the difference here.



            When I make my video, I choose MPEG, then for the Presets, I have tried the following:

            * HDTV 720p 29.97 High Quality

            * HDTV 1080p 29.97 High Quality

            * HD 720p 30

            I didn't try any of the MPEG2 formats because they they reference the file type as being for Bluray.


            I hope this helps. I'm looking for some file output that looks nice on my HD TV and PC. If I missed any important information, please let me know.




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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              I have a few things for you to try until Hunt returns to your thread.


              Some might buy into the a variable frame rate for your cell phone video as the cause of your out of sync audio in Premiere Elements 11 and suggest fixing the frame rate in Quicktime Pro. I do not find that necessary in the cases that I have looked at so far with my iPod video and iPhone video. But, for the record, does your video properties readout indicate whether you record from the cell phone with a fixed (30 frames per second) frame rate or a variable one with min and max frame rates shown?


              From what you wrote, it would appear that you or the program are not setting up your project correctly. Match the source media properties with those of the project preset.


              If you have 1280 x 720 @ 30 frames per second source, set up the project preset manually.

              • Open new project.
              • Go to File Menu/New/Project
              • In the new project dialog, select NTSC/AVCHD/AVCHD Lite 720p30
              • Before you exit the new project dialog, be sure to have a check mark next to "Force Selected Project Setting on this Project".


              When you are back in the Premiere Elements 11 Expert workspace, use Add Media/Files and Folders/Projects Assets from where you drag your video to the Timeline.


              When you are ready to export that Timeline, please look at




              MP4 - HD720p60

              then go to Advanced Button/Video Tab for that preset to change the frame rate to 29.97 and other settings as soon exactly as in screenshot of the lower part of the Export Settings dialog for MP4 - HD720p60.




              Leave the Bitrate settings found as is for now.

              Just focus on the details under the Video Tab as shown in the screenshot.


              Please let us know the outcome.





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                BrifromBool Level 1

                Just wanted to check in on this thread and say "THANKS" for giving me this information. I have had a busy week and now am traveling for two weeks so I won't be able to test this out till later in November. I will surely share my results on success/failure once I get a chance. Sorry for my delay in working on this.


                Regarding my Frame Rate, when I take Video with my Nokia Lumia 920, it appears that Frame rate is VARIABLE, not fixed at 30/second. I will test out what is suggested above, then see if that corrects the issue.




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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Thanks for the update.


                  We will be looking forward to your results when your schedule permits.