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    PC system around I7 4930K

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      I d like to update/upgrade my curent System: I7 950, MSI X58m, corsair 24 GB 1600 (6 x 4GB), EVGA GTX 580 3GB, Samsung SSD 840 250GB as C: , Cheivtec 1000w PSU, Chievtec Huge tower..


      Soft : Win7 64bit Ultimate, Adobe Product Premium CS6, Resolve. I work in Premier mostly and will start learning resolve in very close feature. Work with Canon MXF files, AVCHD, and other dslr formats.


      Reasons to upgrade: i Really want 6 core CPU, need native USB 3.0 support, PCI-e 3.0  (i know my gtx 580 only pci e 2.0, but i may change it in feature), -


      But here is what bothers  me!

      4930K - seams like a budget solution for 6 cores, but as soon as started collecting some info about it, i noticed that there is no proper mother board for it !?!? is it so?

      4930K - its a 3rd generation , but all mother boards that i saw were created for 2nd generation CPU, - So i would like to aks what kind of compability issues i can get?

      What mother board would u recommend? - i am not got to overlocking anything...., I need lots of Sata connection and many pci e ports.


      i am going to bring some things from my old system to the setup :  EVGA GTX580 3GB, Cheivtec 1000w PSU, Chievtec Tower,



      as I understand its not worth to bring my OLD RAM to new System as my old RAM is 1600, but CPU supports up to 1866 - Am i Right, i should buy a new ram?


      HDDs: (i have a few hdds from old System)

      #1 - i am going to buy Samsung 256GB 840 pro for drive C:

      #2 - Samsung 840 250 GB SATA 3.0 (from old pc)

      #3 - SanDisk SSD 64GB SATA 3.0 (from old pc)

      #4 - WD Raptor 150GB 10000rpm Sata 2.0 (from old pc)

      #5 - seagate 1.5 TB Sata 2.0 (from old pc)


      i am going to make everything right this time - so could you plz tell me which drive of the listed above i could use and what for? and if some of them are not good at all , plz let me know, and maybe i am short for some ? (i have several HDDs extra for storage that in fact are almost full)


      as far as i understand the standard/ included FAN is no good for CPU, what would u recommend for 4930K?



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          To answer your specific questions:

          1) You will find the Intel i7-7-4930k is supported in many x79 motherboards. A current motherboard bios may be required to even initially boot with the newer model cpus, but they are indeed supported.

          2) I would suggest selecting one of the Asus models.

          3) You would definitely be better served by buying new RAM that is recommended by the RAM vendor for the motherboard that you choose. 32GB would be a good choice.

          4) To make things "right" this time, stop collecting an array of smaller SSD and 15k drives. Start instead adding solid, name brand identical 7200rpm 1TB or larger hard drives. For desktop Premiere Pro builds today, SSDs make great OS/boot drives, but they do not work that great when working with large file sustained writes. Your existing Samsung 840 (non-Pro) 250GB would make an excellent Boot/OS drive where reads are more important than writes. The existing 1.5TB Seagate could be put in an external case or "drop-in" USB 3.0 HD appliance and used for off-site backups (highly recommended).


          Have you used task manager to see if you are indeed CPU bound for your current workflow? It seems that having certain add-ons in your work-flow (like Resolve that you are using and RED Giant add-ons that are popular too) can completely cripple your effective speed if they are single-threaded. That means that only one "core" of your currently 8 available "cores" (4 cores + 4 hyperthreads for your current cpu) can be used. This presents itself in task manager by looking line the cpu is hardly working at all, where the real limitation is the software is the weak link.





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            thank you for replay!


            i tried to search for more other boards vendors and as its turned out there are not that many.... in fact its just 4-6 companies....


            but i found 3 more interesting MB:





            i wonder if there are any thoughts about them?


            about my old HDDs - i cant just put it in garbage....... need to find a use for them..... non of them are new, WD Raptor 150GB 10000rpm Sata 2.0 - i bought it at the time when it was best drive on market and seems like Raptors are very reliable - its the only drive that lives that long with out issues, others usually fails with in 3-4 years. the only big drive drive from listed above seagate 1.5 TB Sata 2.0 - but its old enough and i dont trust it anymore , it would not be smart to use it for archives...  So i d like to find something it could be used for...


            Btw all my "8 cores " are in use !



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              Asrock boards so far come with the bios updated for the Ivy-E chips. The Asus boards so far have not which means you need a SB-E chip to update them for the Ivy-E chips.



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                seems like Asrock is not an option, not available locally.... asus and giga byte are my only options...


                kingston MEMORY 32GB PC12800 DDR3 KIT of 4 ...


                Marvell® PCIe 9128 controller - for ssd? asus offers some kind of ssd cashing for faster performance..... is it really useful? i think i read somewhere that marvell is not ok for ssd...


                HHDs that are going to be transferred from my current system to a new one, where u think it would be best to use them ? for now working mostly in PP, mxf and avchd files


                #1 - i am going to buy a new Samsung 256GB 840 pro for drive C: , as i understand its a best one


                #2 - Samsung 840 250 GB SATA 3.0/6G ( is used as system drive currantly )

                #3 - SanDisk SSD 64GB SATA 3.0/6G (have its spare)

                #4 - WD Raptor 150GB 10000rpm Sata 2.0/3G (right now its used for everything/ for most dayly tasks)

                #5 - seagate 1.5 TB Sata 2.0/3G (cant be used storage (place where i keep files for the next 5-10 years) as its old enough and i would not trust it)


                i hope there are enough of tasks that i could use them for (cache/ Scratch, files previews, exports, media or else? )


                also in bios for sata what should i  choose ide or ahci



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                  You may want to delay your hardware purchases until one year from now, when the much anticipated " Haswell E " CPU is released. The performance difference should be significant, compared to what is currently available. Read about it....it is exciting...not to mention that large and fast SSDs should be much cheaper then.


                  BE ADVISED.....as described on the PPBM7 website for benchmarking video editing computers.....some DSLR codecs in use today...esp. Canon... are in a .MOV container !! This triggers a slow, 32bit " Quicktime Importer" process within  Premiere Pro that cripples any powerful edit machine by limiting memory use to 4 GB and  using the 32 bit process, while PPro is now entirely 64 bit !!!!


                  FOR NOW...you may want to try what many pros are still doing to massively increase performance, without buying all new hardware AT THIS MOMENT....use a better codec that is edit friendly. Lucky for you and me, the great Cineform intermediate codec is  now available for FREE , by simply downloading the Go Pro Studio 2.0 program. In addition, CCloud NOW is providing the DNxHD intermediate codec in the 64 bit .MXF container for FREE !!!!  You may use Adobe media encoder to select which areas of your original source clips you wish to transcode.......you don,t have to transcode whole source clips!  The cineform and DNxHD codecs will already be available in Media Encoder, ( cineform AFTER downloading Go Pro Studio 2.0 ).


                  I have tested the cineform on my i7 laptop and have gotten GREAT results !! I have put 5 tracks of HD video on the timeline, and it scrubs smoothly. Then, I loaded GPU accelerated effects on each track until the GPU, (NVidia 460M 1.5 GB ), was fully saturated, ( viewing GPU usage with MSI Afterburner). At this point, the CPU, system memory, and drives were STILL not bottlenecked.


                  So, tune your system for now,maybe overclock,too....it is MUCH more powerful than my laptop.....and straighten out your current drive setup to maximize performance.  840 SSD for OS, programs and pagefile ONLY..64GB SSD can try as "scratch drive" for all preview files,( not many if using intermediate codecs), media cache, and media cache database. These files can be erased as PPro recreates them, when necessary. Then, buy two identical 1 or 2 TB 7,200 rpm drives to use in RAID 0 off the motherboard, to house your project files and source media on a fast volume.OF COURSE, you would FIRST have backed up your valuable source files on one other drive that should be for backing up and even for exports.....good luck !!!

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                    .....I forgot....maybe add more memory, if possible.....you have the "triple channel" memory,I believe.......maybe can go to 48 GB ?

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                      no, i dont work with Mov container, only MXF from my C300 and mts, but thanks for the info, will keep it in my mind. About getting extra ram to my curent MB, i cant as i reached its maximum 24GB. but also with my work i never seen more then 12GB of ram used.....

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                        ok it happened, my segate 1.5 TB just died! there were my temporarely files and seems like some drivers were there as well..... now i am logging into win in safe mode only... seems like a good time to trasfer to a new system.  i checked ntbtlog.txt :

                        Did not load driver \SystemRoot\System32\drivers\vga.sys

                        Did not load driver \SystemRoot\System32\Drivers\NDProxy.SYS

                        Did not load driver \SystemRoot\System32\Drivers\NDProxy.SYS

                        Did not load driver \SystemRoot\System32\Drivers\NDProxy.SYS

                        Did not load driver \SystemRoot\System32\Drivers\NDProxy.SYS

                        Did not load driver \??\C:\Windows\system32\Drivers\DgiVecp.sys

                        Did not load driver \SystemRoot\System32\DRIVERS\srv.sys

                        Did not load driver \SystemRoot\system32\drivers\N360x64\1501000.012\SRTSPX64.SYS


                        so now this is the list of HDD i will have on my new System


                        #1 - new Samsung SSD 256GB 840 pro - will be drive C: with system on it

                        #2 - Samsung SSD 840 250 GB SATA 3.0/6G (old one from curent system)

                        #3 - SanDisk SSD 64GB SATA 3.0/6G (old one from curent system)

                        #4 - WD Raptor 150GB 10000rpm Sata 2.0/3G (old one from curent system)

                        #5 - WD Black 2TB Sata 2.0/3G (old one from curent system)

                        #6 - WB Black 1TB Sata 2.0/3G (old one from curent system)


                        ill also have 2 extra HDDs for back up.....




                        - if that would be yout pc what would u do with listed HDDs? i ve been adviced already to use 1 of the SSD for all preview files, media cache, and media cache database! but i have 1 more SSD, what i could do with it?


                        - as i understood there are no much difference in regular HDD performance between SATA 2 and SATA 3. is it so? if it is so my sata 2.0 drives could find its place in my new system.


                        - in bios for sata what should i choose ide or ahci


                        - Format related question : Allocation Unit Size ? and if its should be different for ssd and hdd and / or for system drive?


                        - for RAID - does its important to have to identical HDDs? or 2 and 1 TB is ok?


                        - Does the RAID that is  done with a use of mother board - worth it? or its worth only if its done with dedicated Raid card?


                        - Sata 3.0 Cords are the same as Sata 2.0 cords? or they should be special for better performance?



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                          as its turned out non of the the mother boards that i wanted for my system, none of them availible locally, so i ll have to order it from ebay or amazon.....


                          Asus or Asrock? i never worked with any of them... but on paper i like Asrock more : cheaper, has 12 Sata + 2 e sata, many pci..... on paper its seems more advanced... how good/reliable is it?


                          from ither hand asus is more known brand.... but as it was already mentioned sold with out latest bios.... will be a little more complicated to install my PCU on it...

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                            here is what i ve got:


                            System: I7-4930K 12M S2011 6 core, Asus X79-DELUXE, ram 32GB PC17000 DDR3/HYPERX KIT of 4 KINGSTON, EVGA GTX 580cs 3 gb, Cheivtec 1200w PSU

                            Soft : Win7 64bit Ultimate, Adobe PP CS6, Resolve.  Work with Canon MXF files, AVCHD, and other dslr formats.


                            Plz critic my Disk Setup!


                            1. Samsung 840 Pro 256 GB Sata 3.0 SSD - system disk, all soft is installed there and its not used for anything else..

                            2. WD black sata 2.0 2TB - TEMP and TMP files , Page File 20GB, Media Outputs goes here

                            3. WD Raptor 150GB Sata 2.0 - Media (audio and video) original files from camcorder goes here, as well as separate images & audio files

                            4. Sandisk 64GB Sata 3.0 SSD - used for Preview

                            5. Segate 3TB sata 3.0 - storage only (separate bays that i turn off when its not used)

                            6. Segate 3TB sata 3.0 - storage only (separate bays that i turn off when its not used)


                            GTX 580 will be updated soon to 780 ti (hope it worth it)


                            also 1 question - Where it is best to keep "USERS" Folder(and its files) on drive C or move it on different drives?

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                              i know some of my drives are old, but i would really like to hear your opinion about that setup, if i did it all right? or its better to rearange something...


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                                Hi,  I was under the impression that that intel4930k is a 4th Gen processor.  I may be wrong after reading your post.


                                Intel Core i7-4930K specifications

                                General information

                                TypeCPU / Microprocessor
                                Market segmentDesktop
                                FamilyIntel Core i7
                                Model number ? i7-4930K
                                CPU part numbersCM8063301292702 is an OEM/tray microprocessor
                                BX80633I74930K is a boxed microprocessor
                                Frequency ? 3400 MHz
                                Turbo frequency3900 MHz
                                Bus speed ? 5 GT/s DMI
                                Clock multiplier ? 34
                                Package2011-land Flip-Chip Land Grid Array
                                SocketSocket 2011 / LGA2011
                                Size2.07" x 1.77" / 5.25cm x 4.5cm
                                Introduction dateSeptember 10, 2013
                                Price at introduction$583 (OEM)
                                $594 (box)
                                S-spec numbers

                                ES/QS processorsProduction processors
                                Part numberQF81SR1AT
                                BX80633I74930K +
                                Architecture / Microarchitecture

                                MicroarchitectureIvy Bridge
                                Processor core ? Ivy Bridge-E
                                Core stepping ? S1 (SR1AT)
                                CPUID306E4 (QF81)
                                Manufacturing process0.022 micron
                                Data width64 bit
                                The number of cores6
                                The number of threads12
                                Floating Point UnitIntegrated
                                Level 1 cache size ? 6 x 32 KB instruction caches
                                6 x 32 KB data caches
                                Level 2 cache size ? 6 x 256 KB
                                Level 3 cache size12 MB
                                Physical memory64 GB
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                                  ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                                  No the Ivy architecture is Gen 3. Haswell architecture is Gen 4 and the socket 2011 doesn't have that yet. That is not due out till the end of this year or early next year.