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    How to save text in svg files as Arial and not Arial-MT.


      Hi all,


      I work for a website company and spend a lot of time producing images which contain standard text within svg files for use on webpages. I have noticed that the text in these files often doesn't display properly: it is misaligned and in sarif. I have found this is due to many browsers not recognising the text 'Arial-MT' that illustrator uses as its standard Arial font.


      Now, I thought this would be a quick fix - but after a week of searching I am unable to find a solution to this!! It seems that Illustrator makes it impossible to save text within svg files as Arial - a universal font that all web browsers can read. This seems like a critical failure in Illustrator and basically makes Illustrator unusable for web-based svgs...


      At the moment I have resorted to creating a program that finds and replaces Arial-MT to Arial within the actual svg file. I am posting this to ask if anyone know if there is an actual way within illustrator to save Arial AS Arial and not this ridiculous Arial-MT fonttype that no webbroswer can use.