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    Button that adds a duplicate page to do more calculations


      I've been buildilng a pdf with javascript to do calculations for my work.  So, I have a page that does exactly what I want.  Is there a way I can create a button that when pressed a duplicate page will be created (page 2) and I can do the same calculations in a new instance?


      For example, suppose my job is to go around measure every table in the room.  I don't know ahead of time how many tables will be in the room.  So, I would go to the first table and measure the dimensions.  Then I would input the dimensions into my android tablet.  Then I would go to the next table.  I want to input the dimensions of each table in a separate page.  So, I would press the button that says "add table" and a new page appears for me to input the dimensions.


      Obviously, what I'm trying to achieve is a lot more complicated than just measuring tables. 


      Is there a way to do this?