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    Amf and CodeIgniter (FB 4 PHP)


      So I downloaded this sample http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flex/testdrive.html


      And apparently the code is so out of date in the php gateway side that nothing works.  I download zend framework and spent hours trying to get it working and after so much work, still didn't work, alot of errors, i fixed some errors and problems, and still had some more errors and issues to the point that it just didn't work.


      So i downloaded the amfphp (http://www.silexlabs.org/amfphp/) library with CodeIgniter,  after some quick fixes, it workis like a charm. Everything works, without much hasle it work great. Got the test drive sample fully working rather quickly.


      So I am trying to create more data connections.


      The problem is that FB is programed/hardcoded (in data/connect to php), to only work with zendframework Amf, and has all kinds of issues, and won't even try to detect anything that is not zendframework or the Zend_Amf. Why such limitations? This makes the whole purpose of the whole thing useless. codeIgniter works just fine without all the issues and compatiblity issues, and not to mention testing it with the latest ZF version, so incompatible!. So AMF works great CI but yet I can't use it just because is not zend_amf!. Now spend another week to even try to get ZF AMF working.. so much for test drive in an hour!   do developer a favor. Get serious about supporting more frameworks or general AMF connection and not just lock it up to ZF, without any other options!..