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    Choppy video after build

    jrodefeld7 Level 1



      I have a Blu Ray project that I am working on in Encore CS6.  I am using Windows 8. 


      The problem is that when I build the project and then mount the image and try to play it back on PowerDVD, the main movie is quite choppy.  The video will freeze for a few seconds then jump ahead a few seconds.  Some areas are worse than others.  But I know the problem is not with the video asset.  If I play the video asset separately or I mux the audio and video together and play it back, it is smooth and plays perfectly.


      What is going on here?  Encore isn't trascoding the video.  It should be just passing the video through untouched.  The audio is being transcoded as it is a WAV file. 



      Can anyone help me figure out what is happening?