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    CSXS standardized event list documentation?


      Hi guys


      In this article



      Olav mentions

      "Because CS extensions are built on top of CSXS (Adobe’s Creative Suite Extensible Services framework), they can make use of CSXS “standardized” events. - See more at: http://blogs.adobe.com/cssdk/2010/12/watching-the-detections.html#sthash.MH4MhcYc.dpuf"


      And lists a few events like "documentAfterActivate" etc


      Does anyone know where is the documentation for these events?

      Are there any other events except those he lists? like "documentBeforeSave" or "documentBeforeDeactivate"?



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          Olav Kvern Level 1

          Hi BaconOppenheim,


          If you're using Extension Builder version 2.x, you can go to the CS Extension Builder Start Page, then click Docs and API Reference. You might have to do this several times--there seems to be something wrong, somewhere (I'm not at Adobe any more, so I have no idea). Once you get the documentation page opened, take a look at Adobe Creative Suite Extension Builder>References>CSXS Library Reference>com.adobe.csxs.core>CS Extension and scroll down to the Events section. It's a bit scanty, but it's better than nothing. There are a few other event topics in the CSXS Library Reference section, such as com.adobe.csxs.events.


          The applications themselves have different set of events--take a look at the CSHA Library API Reference for more on application-specific events.


          All of this changes, of course, with Extension Builder 3. If you're using that version, it's probably easiest just to root around in the CSInterface-4.0.0.js file. There's not much in the way of documentation or samples around for that version yet. I have not yet figured out how to connect to an application-specific event in that version, but I haven't tried very hard to figure it out.





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            Hey Olav,


            Thanks so much for your help, we will investigate into those links.