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    CSXS standardized event list documentation?

    BaconOppenheim Level 1

      Hi guys


      In this article



      Olav mentions

      "Because CS extensions are built on top of CSXS (Adobe’s Creative Suite Extensible Services framework), they can make use of CSXS “standardized” events. - See more at: http://blogs.adobe.com/cssdk/2010/12/watching-the-detections.html#sthash.MH4MhcYc.dpuf"


      And lists a few events like "documentAfterActivate" etc


      Does anyone know where is the documentation for these events?

      Are there any other events except those he lists? like "documentBeforeSave" or "documentBeforeDeactivate"?



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          Olav Kvern Level 1

          Hi BaconOppenheim,


          If you're using Extension Builder version 2.x, you can go to the CS Extension Builder Start Page, then click Docs and API Reference. You might have to do this several times--there seems to be something wrong, somewhere (I'm not at Adobe any more, so I have no idea). Once you get the documentation page opened, take a look at Adobe Creative Suite Extension Builder>References>CSXS Library Reference>com.adobe.csxs.core>CS Extension and scroll down to the Events section. It's a bit scanty, but it's better than nothing. There are a few other event topics in the CSXS Library Reference section, such as com.adobe.csxs.events.


          The applications themselves have different set of events--take a look at the CSHA Library API Reference for more on application-specific events.


          All of this changes, of course, with Extension Builder 3. If you're using that version, it's probably easiest just to root around in the CSInterface-4.0.0.js file. There's not much in the way of documentation or samples around for that version yet. I have not yet figured out how to connect to an application-specific event in that version, but I haven't tried very hard to figure it out.





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            Hey Olav,


            Thanks so much for your help, we will investigate into those links.