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    How do i add a video in a PDF from an URL


      My dilemma: Creating an Interactive PDF using java and I would like to add various streaming video's throughout the pdf from url.  I would like them to run within the pdf.  I would like people to be able to play them, and then play them again if they need to listen again, aka, loop, I guess.


      My attempts: I have added the video from url using adobe acrobat pro editor and video is playing as i needed but i would like to do it from java sourc. i can do it from adobe acrobat pro editor and working fine .



      Could anyone please help or explain me how do adobe do that and how do adobe handle this from backend or how can i do that from java.This is urgent .

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          Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Adobe doesn't provide support for third-party Java libraries, nor can you control Acrobat from an external Java program; if yours can't do what you need then you will have to add the classes yourself. The ISO 32000 standard for PDF explains what's required to define a Rich Media Annotation; it's not a lot different from a regular annot at the top level, and inside you have COS streams for the embedded player widget (a SWF file) and local media (or a URI pointing to some remote media), plus tags to define how the playback works. People have ported these features to LaTeX and PHP, it's time-consuming but not hard if you know how to code.


          Note there is no 'loop' setting for an RMA, you would have to implement that yourself with a custom player widget.