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    Grouping Problems


      Hi All,


      I have two main problems with grouping objects in Animate Edge:


      1. opening and closing a group in the timeline:

      Generally the objects within a group are all visible in the timeline - so I can't close the group in the timeline, only in Elements. However, sometimes the group suddenly closes, but in a way, that I can not even open it to see and edit the objects in the timeline. It seems to be fully accidential, I can not tell why it opens and closes.

      Does anyone have an idea, how to control this "function"?


      2. grouping repositions objects straggly

      When I group some already animated objects, some of these objects will be repositioned. So the result is a mess on the stage, the objects seem to be repositioned accidentally.

      I understood that grouping objects without animation works good, they stay at their place. Hence I have figured out, that this repositioning is somehow influenced by animations, but I don't know how, and how I could avoid it.


      I would really appretiate any idea or guidance!

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          jbowden Adobe Employee

          Hi there,


          Neither of these behaviors should be happening.


          Just to clarify, you shouldn't be able to "close" a group in the timeline and hide the child elements, since it's a div that can have its own properties animated. We do show parent-child relationships among divs in the Elements panel, but the timeline isn't meant to behave the same way in that regard.


          And of course, grouping animated elements shouldn't change the position of any child element - unless the group is repositioned.


          Any further details that you can provide that might show either issue on this side?




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            Formosa Level 1

            Hi Joe,


            Thanks for the answer.


            I have no idea regarding opening and closing a group - I really tought, that it is a kind of function, that I don't understand yet. Can it be a bug?


            As for repositioning, I have made some tests, and something turned out: This is influenced by which corner I select as a basis point for the animation (under Properties in 'Position and Size'), and in cases when the object is resized during the animation.

            Top left corner is set as a basis in generall. But when I change it to bottom left corner, then this object changes its place once grouped with other objects. However, when I group the objects first, and change the basis corner only afterwards, everything works perfectly. I still don't understand this behaviour, but at least, I can avoid this repositioning issue now.