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    CS6 upgrade problems


      Recently our facility upgraded from CS5.5 Axio & MX02 equipped Supermicro systems with Nvidia Quadro 3700 video cards to CS6 Mojito Max equiped Dell T3600's with Nvidia Quadro 600 cards.

      We noticed that the older CS5 projects that did not require rendering now presented us with a yellow render line. We initially believed that this was due to the transition from CS5 to CS6, an initial inconvenience but something we were prepared to live with.

      Once we began working with new material we noticed that this newly captured material also required rendering. We've created new projects and even created sequences from clips and still a yellow line. And although this would have little to no impact if we were making a file this causes unreliable playback when outputting to tape. We also noticed that no matter what we put in a time line, titles, bars etc generated by Premiere it all needs to be rendered. Were not talking anything complex, this is occurring on single layer events.

      The only thing we have noticed a difference in is the player options found in preferences. On the CS5 systems there is an option for the Matrox player and on the CS6 systems where Matrox player is no longer an option. We have enabled the cuda acceleration which has removed the red line renders on 2 layer overlays but still the yellow persists.

      We work in 1080i from HDcam sources and capture in mpeg2Iframe. Our CS5 systems were


      8 gig ram
      Xenon es420
      Quadro 3700

      And our new CS6 systems are

      Dell Precision T3600
      Xeon es1620
      16g ram
      Quadro 600
      Any thoughts, suggestions or philosophical insight would be appreciated.