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    My video has a vertical black bar on the right side of the program monitor.  Some kind of Bug?


      Check out the screen grab below.      I created some motion graphics in AE and have inported them into my Premiere Pro CS6 project (Mac).    On the right side of the program monitor, my video file either has a vertical black bar or is doing some kind of weird offset.   It appears to be a bug because all the files and sequences are the exact same.   The problem only occurs in a few places on the Premeire timeline.   When I exportthe video, the problem isnt there.   Also when I try to change the horizontal position in the Motion Tab, it also goes away (but then the image is offset so this isn't the problem)


      Any ideas what could be causing this?


      Picture 1-This is how it looks in the program monitor.

      Picture 2-This is how it looks when I adjust the position in the Motion Tab.   Even when I adjust it 1 pt. the problem goes away but there is 1 pt. of black showing on the left side because i moved the image.

      Screen shot 2013-10-21 at 9.39.48 AM.pngScreen shot 2013-10-21 at 9.59.09 AM.png

      Thanks for any help.