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    Which event to populate xml during server side Pdf creation?


      Hi to everybody,


      i have a question about a Workbench process who generate a Pdf merging a template Form and an xml with the data (so an usual binding)

      What i need to do is to populate a particular node of the xml during the generation of the pdf.

      So i write a little script to populate this node and put it during the event initialize.


      This works when i open the pdf using Acrobat or the Reader but it doesn't work while executing the component RenderPdf. Indeed, during the process, when exporting the xml from the pdf generated, using exportData, the xml nodes are not modified - while, like said, when opening the pdf with Acrobat I see the changes.


      I think this happen because during the generation inside the process (therefore Server Side) the event "initialize" doesn't happen.


      Files (form + xsd + xml file)



      So my questions are:

      - which is the right event to change xml nodes during pdf server side  creation?

      - May i need to use another component?

      - Anyway, there are other way to get layout information?


      About the need to populate the xml:

      I need to populate the nodes of the xml with information about the layout of the pdf itself; in particular i need to know the lenght (position of the page) of each section inside the pdf.

      Trying to be more clear: i must know how many times each "Page form" is repeated. To get this information me and my colleagues have already made a script to achieve but doesn't happen server side.


      Thnaks to all who will try to help me!