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    Movie Theme?


      I don't want a 'movie theme', how do I get past the window asking for one?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What version of Premiere Elements are you using and on what computer operating system is it running?


          Please clarify whether you are using the term "movie theme" to refer to disc menus DVD Template or to Instant Movie Theme.

          Are you trying to produce an AutoPlay DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc? If that is the case, then from the editing area, go

          to Publish+Share/Disc/ where you will be greeted by the following pop up when you click on Disc.


          Click No to that pop up if you want the AutoPlay.


          If this is an Instant Movie problem, typically clicking on Cancel does just that.


          Please go into more details so that we can help you.





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            dufusdad Level 1

            I’m using Premier Elements 11, and the instant movie function. Not trying to burn a disk. just take video clips, edit somewhat, and have a sequential order. What’s the difference between a ‘slide show’ and  ‘instant movie’?    Windows 8- 64 bit,  Sam

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Here is a rough idea of Instant Movie versus the typical photo and/or video slideshow.


              With the Instant Movie feature, you place your source media on the Expert workspace Timeline and apply an Instant Movie theme to it. This theme includes premade graphics, effects, transitions, music....essentially a premade movie. But, in its preparation, you do have choices which include breaking the Instant Movie apart into its components to make substitutions in the "Adobe theme plan and execution".


              In the typical slideshow, you would import your source media, add your own transitions, effects, titles, audio. You create your own workflow including placement, editing to achieve the effect that you want to convey to your viewers.


              Have you watched the AdobeTV video tutorial on Instant Movie?

              http://tv.adobe.com/watch/premiere-elements-12-feature-tour/instant-movie-in-premiere-elem ents-12/


              I will gather up some more information on Instant Movie if you need it.


              If you are in Instant Movie and want out, look for the Cancel button. If that does not take care of that, then please post with more information.





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                dufusdad Level 1

                A.T. Sounds like you’re a Adobe specialist, as such let me ask you this:  I only need the video editing for no-frills, instructional type videos i.e. me on camera talking to the viewer. I have previous video clips I want to use plus add in, (insert) more current information, and maybe a few stills with voice over. 


                Not needing or wanting to learn all the ‘fancy’ detailed editing things, what Elements path would you recommend under those circumstances.  I’ve watched quite a few tutorials but none are seemingly as simple as I need, no theme, music or effects.   Any suggestions?   Thanks.    Sam

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Adobe specialist? No, probably more someone with a lot of curiosity and overactive troubleshooting gene and a concern for those trying to get Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements to work.


                  For now some generalizations related to your planned Premiere Elements projects. If you need specifics on settings and such, we can work those out with your details.


                  You need to take inventory of what is going into your presentation - video and stills properties. You will need that to set up the project preset. Premiere Elements 11 takes charge of that, but sometimes it does it OK, sometimes not. You can set the project preset manually yourself if the program is not doing the job.


                  You are allowed one project preset, so "What to select?" If you have one type of file, no problem. But, when you have a mix of properties, then you have to set priorities and work everything else in around it. Scaling down, OK; Scaling Up, not always OK.


                  In your case, I would match the properties of your video with the description of the project preset.

                  Depending on your computer resources, sizing of the stills comes a factor or non factor. Then, import the stills and place them accordingly to make them an effective part of this presentation.


                  Even with a very basic presentation, you would want a title page and probably ending credits (business name, contact information, and the like)


                  Although bells and whistles are to be avoided, you might want to include simple Cross Dissolve transitions between Timeline files. But, only if needed. See what it looks like.


                  What is the profile of your intended viewer? I would design the work to cater to his/her expected viewing habits.


                  A lot of all this develops as the work unfolds. Often I start out with the basic idea of what I want to do. The "plot thickens" as the project develops. I do not aim for a fancy project, only one that will get across my message with whatever it takes to do that. One needs to distinguish between what you think is great versus what the viewer want to hear and see.


                  You can make your presentation as basic, semi-advanced, or advanced. But those words really have no meaning. Back to what I said before ... you get the message of the presentation across by whatever means necessary and within reasonable duration.


                  I suspect that as your project progresses you will be lured into what you think you want to bypass.


                  Hope that did not sound too preaching.



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                    dufusdad Level 1

                    A.T. Everything sounds like I was thinking it would happen. I just find I’m struggling, not too much, with wading through all the options I have re: slideshow/movie.  I am adventurous and so I’ll just keep playing with a ‘test’ movie until I find all the right buttons and then put together the final once I’ve learned how. I find the Elements to be not real user friendly. Am I right?  Doesn’t mean it won’t turn out a good product but I’ll work hard for it but I enjoy learning so  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .   off I go!  I may tap you for information as I go along.  Thanks.   Sam

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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      Please do not hesitate to stop and ask if you have any questions about your video project's steps.


                      Several years ago when I purchased my first Adobe Premiere Elements (version 2), I found myself asking

                      myself "What in the world have you gotten yourself into?" You will do fine.



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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        You might have already seen some of these resources, but if not, there are some great tips on getting started with PrE in the links: http://forums.adobe.com/message/3953827#3953827


                        Good luck and happy editing,



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                          dufusdad Level 1

                          Thanks Bill. I briefly looked at a few but will be back as I progress along with my ability re: movie/slideshow etc.  Sam