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    Adding new pages to alternate layout


      Hi everyone,


      I'm trying to figure out a way that after I create an alternate layout view and need to add new pages, if it's possible to relink the text frames. To try and better explain this...


      I created my vertical layout 1024 x 768 using masters for each spread. In the doc I only have the need for about 12 different masters. From each master, I created a corresponding page and unlocked each text frame off of the master. I then created my horizontal alternate layout at 768 x 1024. When creating the horizontal layout, I made sure to link the text frames. After a little bit of tweeking, I successfully have 2 different layouts...the main problem is, I only have the 12 or so pages I originally created. Seeing that my project will be much larger than 12 pages and I already created an alternate layout, as soon as I add a page to both vertical and horizontal spreads, the text is no longer linked between the two. Is there a way to relink text frames from page to page?


      Using the images I inserted, everything up to page 13 has an associated master and I created my alternate view from only pages 1-13. I needed to add a new page to the doc (pg 14) but the text frames didn't link between vertical page 14 and horizontal page 14. I then created duplicate pages from page 10. From the screen shot you can see I'm on horizontal page 14, but the links panel shows the text linking back to page 10. How can I change that link from page 10 to page 14? Is there a way to define the "source" for each text frame for newly created pages? Any help on this is greatly appreciated. Thanks