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    Window 8.1 upgrade and Edge 1.5.0


      I am still working with Edge version 1.5 (free software version) and have a serious amount of  Animate files which I preview using Chrome.  Recently, I upgraded my operating system to Windows 8.1 and now - it would seem - that none of the files will preview in the browser.  Loading of the files also seem sluggish.   I tried a couple of browsers to check - the usual suspects - but the Edge files v 1.5 will not load and preview.


      You can imagine my pain.  Ouch ouch! doesn't even cover it.  I was just wondering if anybody out there is experienencing a similar problem and can help.  I can only think that Edge A version 1.5 files are in conflict with the Windows 8.1 upgrade in some way?  If anybody can throw some light on this mucho appreciated amigoes.