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    Embedding video in PDF issues

    Brooklyn Will

      I have been trying to get videos to play in an interactive PDF exported from InDesign CS6 and CS5 to no avail. I have no problem doing this from CS3 with the old single export dialogue. With CS6 and CS5 I just get a charcoal gray box. I am trying to get it to play on page load with no controller. Even if I set it to have a controller I get no playback. If I don’t set it to play on page load it actually shows my poster and tells me to “click to activate” but upon clicking it goes to the charcoal box.

      I have tried converting to different file types and codecs but nothing works. I have tried the original .mov, .mp4 rendered with H.264, F4V rendered with H.264, FLV rendered as On2 VP6. Nothing.

      While I can do this on CS3 I shouldn’t have to. This should be pretty standard stuff. I am trying to figure out the proper system for everyone in the office to be able to embed video in presentations while working on CS6. These are intended for overhead projections. Any advise would be appreciated.