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    Using After Effects CC locks up my computer


      I've been having the most difficult time lately with Adobe software. I'll be working in After Effects CC, everything seems to be great, but there are points where it will start to slow my entire system to a crawl and then to the point I have to hard reboot.


      Now this is a brand new Macbook Pro Retina, quad-core with 8Gigs of memory. I've installed this about a month ago. Because of this issue, I've lost my progress. I save as often as I can, especially when doing RAM previews.


      Are there any suggestions that can be made to help this issue? I've ran all the updates I can find, is it because After Effects is consuming all my system memory and then locks up the computer? Would my OS or Adobe logs show what happened? If so, could someone help me find those logs?


      I appreciate your help!