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    Buttons Action Settings




      I'm nearly done with my project and after all the great help from here about the transcoding settings I've got better quality on the DVD.

      And also the Menue looks little bit better. Thanks a lot!

      But now I have still one last Problem.

      I've got Buttons to Click, they lead to the chapter marks in my timeline. So far so good. The are able to click, the function as they should.

      But when the DVD is in the DVD Player the "play a little bit crazy". That means, that when I navigate with the remote every click jumps irregularly and don't get to every one. Why ist it so. I've got a small screenshot to try to explain.

      The light grey is the highlight color, when a button is selected. But when I'm navigating with the remote it's jumpig for example from "03 Atmosphere" directly to "06 Impressions...".

      And it should just be one after the other...

      Do you have any idea what am I doing wrong?

      Would really appriciate some help, would be great!

      Thanks a lot!!!




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