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    Placing and then splitting a Word doc


      I have a long (for me) and pretty messy Word Doc that I need to bring into InDesign and turn into a 32 page report. It is a continuous doc with 7 sections.


      When I bring into InDesign (place and shift+click) it creates a continouos multipage InDesign file that flows from beginning to end in a chain of text boxes.


      Not sure how this is going to end up or where the page breaks are going to be, especially when I start reformatting and resizing the text and inserting images.


      What I would like to do after import is to split the 7 sections at section end (so that section 1 is a chain of text frames, section 2 is a chain of text frames etc etc.). That way if I make changes in the first section it isn’t going to have a knock on all the way through the doc to the end.


      If I use the Breakframe Applescript that is bundled in the script palette it seems to break the links between every text box. I suppose i could then laboriously go through an relink the boxes in Section 1, Section 2 ext but this seems quite painful.


      Is there a way to achieve this? If not what would be good practice to bring the Word Doc in in defined chunks?