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    Alternate Layout reflow glitch

    TL Price Level 1

      Hi Adobe community,


      I'm re-laying-out a book. And received a new word file instead of edits on PDF. I thought an easy way to make the new file match the old file is to create an alternate layout with the same page size. I placed a background colour on the master file of the original document so I could tell the differnce and made sure my whole document used the same styles.


      On the new edited doc, I flowed the text unformated so I can do all the find and change and styles. But, because it was unformated, it's longer. I tried to auto flow, and it flowed into the blue pages. I even added additional pages and it still auto flowed into the alternate layout.


      Is anyone else having this problem and have you found a fix. Manually reflowing is a pain, as doing anything manually is.