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    Help: Premiere creating duplicate .PEK and .CFA files

    S. Eash

      I discovered in the nick of time that Premiere (CS5.5) was about to fill up my 250GB SSD with the CFA and PEK files for the project I was working on.  It was late at night, and currently working in AE, I, being very much sleep deprived, navigated to the media panel and clicked clean the Media Cache.  It proceed to delete all the PEK and CFA files in the cache folder.  It was then that I realized my mistake and upon opening Premiere, the 4000+ clips had to re-conform.


      I switched the destination to my 1TB HDD for the new files, but after it had already started conforming.  After patiently waiting for all the files to re-conform, I moved the the small batch of CFA and PEK files that were put on the SSD again to the HDD with the rest of the files.  So now I had all my files in one place and was all set...or so I thought.


      I opened Premiere this morning and was surprised to see it start conforming video clips again.  But I thought it might need to re-conform the files that I had moved from the SSD to the HDD.  But after waiting for 7 hours, I did some digging and found that Premiere is creating duplicate files (MVI_9596.MOV 48000_1.cfa, MVI_9596.MOV 48000_2.cfa). 


      How can I get Premiere to recognize that it already conformed the files... 3 times?


      I should mention that I moved the Media Cache Database as well... and that I have a tight deadline for this very project this week.