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    InDesign exporting to PDF - .eps and .ai color issue


      I've been reviewing a lot of help forums and have played with a lot of solutions and can't seem to fix this one.


      With no updates or changes to my usual settings I've noticed an issue with my company logo when I export to PDF from InDesign CS6. Once I open the PDF all images and color spaces look fine, but the logo is muted, as if I set the opacity to 60-70% before exporting.


      It happens with both EPS and AI files. It does NOT happen when I place the logo as a JPEG, but I need transparency and quality on these PDFs. Don't say PNG please, same issue with quality.


      I don't understand how it changed when I changed nothing.


      Any guidance would be appreciated, and I know I couldn't have possiblty provide a complete set of variables, so let me know wheat else would be helpful.