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    Encore doesn't complete build process of new Blu-Ray


      Hello, I'm having some issues with Encore and am hoping someone can help me out. I built a menu for my Blu-Ray project that is pretty simple and am having it not complete the build process while trying to render a menu. I made sure to check for errors before building an image and it said there were none. I really don't know what else to say as everything else is pretty standard. I am using a motion background that is about 8 minutes long with a sound that's about 12 seconds long for my menus. I'm not sure if the audio will keep repeating or just play once, but I'm hoping for the earlier. If not I'm going to have to go loop the audio a bunch of times in SoundBooth then import that. Either way it shouldn't make the build not work.


      I tried to uninstall QuickTime, restart my computer, and build again (because I heard other codecs can cause conflicts with encore) which solved one error that was coming up but the build stops while rendering a menu now. I'm using vversion CSI if that matters. I will try and reinstall Encore right now but would love some other input in case that doesn't work. Any other advice would be greatly appreciated.