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    vst3 plugin is not scanned

    donb0130 Level 1

      going thru classroom in a book for audition cc....on third party effects (page 106)...trying to use the audio plug-in manager for vst plugins...i have found a vst3 plug-in folder on my c drive/programs/adobe/auditioncc folder.  but when i scan it with the plug-in manager nothing appears...help please...

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          _durin_ Adobe Employee

          All of the VST plugins located in the Audition program directory are already included in the application under the Effects menu, and will not be shown during a scan.  The Effects > Audio Plug-In Manager tool is used only for scanning third-party plug-ins.

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            donb0130 Level 1

            if i go to the effects menu and click on vst or vst3 nothing happens....there are no sub menus like there are for the other effects

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              _durin_ Adobe Employee

              Have you installed additional VST effects on this computer?

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                donb0130 Level 1

                no....just going thru the classroom book

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                  _durin_ Adobe Employee

                  Ah, gotcha.  Audition supports the use of third-party VST, VST3 and AudioUnit (on OS X) plug-in audio effects.  You can find these online or at your local music shop.  There are lots of free plug-ins available online, and while some are absolutely amazing, there are a lot of duds or poorly-written VST effects out there.  Audition will do its best to recognize and blacklist plugins that cause the application to crash.  Audition does not support VSTi which are VST-based virtual synthesizer plug-ins.

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                    hy this is also my problem, - my 3.party-effects from izotope only appear in vst, not in vst3. ii want to be shure to use vst3 - why only vst is woorking? - i have installed *.vst3 files of these effects in the same folder together with vst (*.dll)??

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                      emmrecs Level 4

                      Hi.  I can't be sure this is the reason why you can't use your VST3 plug-ins, but on my system the VST and VST3 dlls are NOT in the same folder.  By default, for me, VST3s install to C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3, and once Audition is pointed to this directory, it sees and can use all my VST3 dlls.  I realise my installation is somewhat "unusual" (I have most of my programs on D:\ rather than C:\) but this "set up" for VST3 installation certainly works without problem.


                      Just as additional information: I did not originally set up the VST3 folder to be where it is; at some point in the past when I first installed a VST3 that folder/location must have been created by default.