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    Files moved from InDesign CS6 to CC make bad PDFs

    Chuck M Level 1

      I have 3 files that "make" about 75 shipping labels for a major client of mine. After making hundreds of good PDFs from CS6, the project finished for the time being. Took that occasion to switch over to InDy CC. Then 12 labels were revised. I made the revisions, and made PDFs for proofing. I noticed on my Mac that some font substitution had occurred. The client saw additional font problems on his Mac. He saw erratic spacing and size changes.


           1.     The files use Myriad Pro Semicondensed: Semibold and Bold. I bought that family several years ago. I was wondering if the font could have been revised lately, and if CC requires the new version.


           2.     The whole Myriad Pro family is permanently activated on my system. It's been that way for years -- but lately there have been 2 occasions when the font list (in Illustrator and Photoshop) did not show the whole family active and I had to use Suitcase Fusion 4 to reactivate them. In InDesign (either CS6 or CC) would the font making process give an alert if the specified font was unavailable?.


      I've worked around the problem by exporting the files from CC in CS4+ format, opening them in CS6, and then hunting and fixing the glitches that came from the back migration. But am hoping to move happily to InDesign CC.


      TIA...   Chuck M