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    Customizable google maps in edge

    Vikerness Level 1

      Hellow, i would like to add a google maps with

      - custom locations

      - custom information for each location when i hover any of them

      - a search field to search through that custom information

      After a LOT of google-ing i was able to do that in html in the past (well except for the search box) but i would like to implement one in my edge project

      Thanks in advance, i would really appreciate any help i could get

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          Vikerness Level 1

          Answer: made a map into dreamweaver and embedded into edge using

          sym.$("map-canvas").append('<iframe id="mda" width="633px" height="696px" src="map/store.html" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>');

          Not pretty but it will have to do until someone releases better, more detailed tutorials on this

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