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    Mixed file formats in timeline not always playing nice.

    AzzieScott Level 1

      Im using the latest version of premiere pro cc, and one of the great things about PP CC is that you can drop any file format in the timeline without trancoding it right? BUT! sometimes it doesn't play well when you add effects or titles, or adjustment layers. Lets say I have a 1080 DSLR timeline and I have a mix of H.264,ProRes and MP4 footage. When the footage is in the timeline with no effects, the playback is fine, but when I add a transition, a title or a adjustment layer over the footage, when it plays over that section, the footage sometimes stutters, or plays choppy. The footage will pause for a few frames an then continues, BUT only does this when effects are applied. Its behaves as if there is not enough frames to accommodate the transition or effect, which is not the case. But if I delete the clip and drop it into the timeline again in the same spot or I adjust the length of the transition the clip will play with no issues. Why is this happening? And yes ALL footage is rendered and I have powerful enough system to handle the work. Such simple effects should not affect timeline playback.