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    System power shutdowns in Premiere

    BVX3001 Level 1

      My system is suffering complete shutdowns as if the power cable was pulled out. It sometimes happens when trying to boot up but always happens in a matter of minutes when I'm editing in Premiere, even with just 2 tracks and minmal effects.  A timeline will play fine for an hour but once I start trimming or moving clips it's lights out. I've now had this happen in three different projects so know it isn't related to a particular file or media asset.  A complex 20 sec.,30 layer After Effects comp has no problems, in fact no other program causes this to happen,



      -- No hardware or software changes were made right before the problem developed.

      -- The entire CS6 suite was reinstalled after the problem first showed up.

      -- If due to hardware like a bad power supply (and I found some instances of that on the HP forum) why only in Premiere and only when making edits?


      Thanks for any clues or thoughts,



      System (professionally configured and serviced):

        Premiere CS6.0.5

        HP Z800 

        dual Xeons

        24 GB

        Nvidia Quadro FX4800