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    How to delete vertical space between two divs?

    duenorth09 Level 1

      I have a very simple page right now. Top div holds an image. The div below it holds another image. Both divs appear to be adding space to the bottom. I know other's have had this issue - yet when searching the forum I'm not finding anything. I've added 0 for padding and margins.... I"m out of patience. Want to go back to tables (but I won't let those divs beat me!) help please? http://www.duenorthdesign.com/christmas


      I even added a container around everythign to see if that would help and it didn't. And my height dimensions match my images exactly.


      OK, found the answer after nearly 3 hours. Due to  doctype html5 I used:

      img {

      vertical-align: bottom;



      Just maybe this will help someone out there searching..... I went through about 50 attempts from reading posts before I stumbled on this one.