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    Extension Builder 3 and AS3/Flex

    phihochzwei Level 1

      Just a short question, to be sure:


      Extension Builder 3 will NOT support AS3/Flex but only "HTML5 Techniques"? In other words: Everything we/paid subcontractors have build can be thrown in to the trash an be build again to work with Creative Suite CC?

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          Dominik Guzei Level 1

          Bingo! :-) Adobe knows how to piss of 3rd party developers.


          But it's actually not that simple. You can't just convert everything to HTML 5 and be "happy". If you want to support older creative suite versions (CS6 / CS5) you additionally have to build it in AS3 / FLEX since they don't support the new HTML 5 technology.


          Double strike, pain in the *** for all of us, at least for the next 2 years until everybody converted to the new CC philosophy.

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            phihochzwei Level 1

            The problem for me was/is: We payed a subcontractor 40k to build a plugin, since I didn´t had the time to do it myself. Try to imagine the face of my CEO when I told him, that this 40k were spent to cover the next 5-8 month and until then, we have to completely rebuild it. Awesome.