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    Submit pdf form as HTML will attach a tmp file to email

    slog70 Level 1

      I all,

      I'm just trying to submit a simple pdf form as HTML but I always get a "RandomFileName.tmp" file as attachment to the resulting email.

      If I open the tmp file with a text editor I see it contains my form fields name and their related values.

      But I think the end-user has not all the knowledge to open a strange file name with a tmp extension.


      Why do this happen? is it a bug?

      I'm using Acrobat X and Thunderbird 24.0 as email client.


      Is there a simple way (I don't know javascript) to get all fields/values in the email body?


      This task should be really simple but I cannot find any usefull info on adobe website.


      TIA for any help or suggestion.