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    Subclip issues

    Douglas GEntry

      Hello, I'm new to P Pro and coming from another NLE background, so I'm sure there is a quick answer.


      There is no short cut to create a sublicp that works on my machine. I see that other people can use Command + U, but it doesn't work for me. I have to go to the menu.

      I did hotkey it, but still this is a bit strange.


      Another issue is ther that is no "soft subclip" tick box as described at http://tv.adobe.com/watch/learn-premiere-pro-cc/create-soft-subclips-with-flexible-edit-po ints/


      Any ideas as to what I'm doing wring?


      I'm on an iMac, 10.8.4.

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          Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

          What panel has focus when you're trying the keyboard shortcut? In my experience, it works only when the Source Monitor or Project panel has focus. And a source with In +/or Out Point set must be loaded in Source Mon/selected in Project panel.

          As for the "soft subclip" option, that's new to CC. Is that the version you're using?


          As one who uses subclips quite a lot, I settled on "P" for the shortcut--what it lacks in mnemonic association it more than makes up for in proximity to the workflow-related shortcuts: JKL and I/O.